p2p El Classico.jpg

El Classico - Straight up poutine. Double dipped chips, squeaky cheese curds and delicious home made vegetarian gravy.

p2p Vladimir Poutine.jpg

Vladimir Poutine - Double dipped chips, squeaky cheese curds, gravy, topped off with stir fried veggies and a hint of chilli.

p2p The Berliner.jpg

The Berliner - inspired by the German favorite curry wurst. Poutine topped with German sausage and a spicy curry sauce, all the way from Berlin. 

p2p Nice and Cheesy.jpg
p2p Miss Piggy.jpg

Nice and Cheesy - this is for people who love cheese with chips. We do straight up poutine topped off with mature melted cheddar. This gives the double whammy of two cheeses !

The Miss Piggy - Straight up poutine , topped off with crispy back bacon and drizzled with Canadian maple syrup.